About Kusuyama - Japan Fine Crafts

What make Kusuyama special?

Unique design items, handmade with an extreme attention to quality details and a strong background story, exclusive for each client.

For you that understands who you are and your Mission in Life, that pursued perfection in every detail. Confident and proud, the average is not enough for you. When it comes to style, exclusiveness and top quality, you know exactly what you want. Higher pace of life and global communication are not reason enough to stop caring about those details that make your life special, unique. Beauty and arts are not only for museum, culture is not only for books, you expect them in your life and lead others to pursue higher standards as well.

Whether is it to help you express your identity, a delightful accessory for that special event,  the perfect gift for your beloved ones, or to enrich your life with beautiful details, Kusuyama has the perfect exclusive match for you.

At Kusuyama we've taken a special interest in the ancient art of "Maki-e". We work closely with craftsmen all over Japan who have dedicated years to perfect the maki-e technique. Through our partnerships we have developed unique products for modern day use - that embody Japan's traditional culture.


In most cases our products comes from a long standing tradition and crafts, which are not limited to techniques but also includes the actual designs, patterns and decorations that embellish these objects. Culture has grown and society has evolved, sometimes making difficult to relate to those old traditional designs.

  • Kusuyama believes that traditional culture and beauty are to be respected , enjoyed and revitalized, but never forgetting to move forward and meet nowadays styles, sense of beauty and most of all, culture.
  • One of the most important parts of design is the high quality on details that Japanese artisans develops, in a way that humbly learns from mother nature and will take your breath away once embraced in your life.


Japan is a country where you still can find companies and traditions that are well alive and healthy after more than a thousand years since they started. The commitment from each generation to learn their parents techniques, improve them and finally teach them to their children, result in a practice that looks for every detail to be perfect.

  • Each product in Kusuyama has a historical background in the Japanese Culture.
  • 1,500 year of work on details, ancient traditional techniques.
  • Improving techniques with new technologies


Japanese artisans work on each product with the client in their mind and heart. How are you going to use it, how are you going to feel, how it will meet your life. We want you to experience the best we can offer to you. Every detail, from the selection of the material, the preparations for work, crafting process, order fulfillment, are our obsession.

  • Only using the highest quality material
  • Made in Japan
  • Generational commitment from the artisans
  • Long lasting techniques with modern improvements


As mentioned in “Quality”, we work with the client in our mind and heart, and we really mean it. We try to visualize how will you use it, how can we make it better for you. We are proud that our product is now part of your life, that we have reach you and have been given the opportunity to share our passion for the perfect details. In most cases, our products are 100% handmade, warm and full of emotions.

  • In a time where many products are made by machines and technology is taking us to new frontiers, it is extremely important to keep a balance with our human side, in touch with our soul and with those around us.
  • It is something personal, is not for “a client”, it is from the artisans, from Kusuyama Team, just for YOU.

Corporate Information

Kusuyama is a brand owned by At Mark Japan Co., Ltd. Our mission at is to help the Japanese traditional industry grow and expand into an international market. We want to share the beauty of these crafts with the world and build a global appreciation of Japan's traditional history.

・         Company name: At Mark Japan Co., Ltd

・         Address: 2F, Upwell Senba, 4-5-17 Minamikyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 541-0058

・         Country: Japan

・         Phone Number: +81-(0)6-6253-8262

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